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Have you heard of IFS? Why it’s a game-changer if you’ve been binge eating for a long time.

Connecting with different inner parts offers the opportunity to understand what’s behind an eating pattern that you’re likely desperate to change.

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What I wish I’d known about dealing with indignity

Learn how to survive embarrassment without the carb-coma.

These top-two tools can be applied to almost anything!

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5 minutes to shift overwhelm (without reaching for the biscuit tin)

Whether it’s a huge new work project or reams of a seemingly endless to-do list, overwhelm can sneak in.

And it feels … well, horrible.

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Two key action steps for a different start to 2023

Are you used to thinking, “New Year … time for a new me”?

Perhaps it’s time to adopt an approach that reflects the beautiful, complex, unique person that you are.

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Tips for the festive season

Navigate festive niggles — and downright challenges — with greater ease.

These tools will lessen the need to reach for food.

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A struggle with out-of-control eating is a real thing

If that out-of-control feeling resonates, you probably don’t share your struggle with many people, if anyone at all.

Find a way through fear and embarrassment.

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Can I fix my bingeing & drop the weight at the same time?

Bingeing and dieting are like two people battling it out in a tug-of-war.

The more one heaves on the rope, the harder the other braces in the opposite direction.

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The link between binge eating & dieting

Studies have associated binge eating with restriction—aka dieting. 

Discover how to ease back from bingeing and still lose weight.

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How to stop binge eating: 6 lessons learned at the side of a master coach

Martha Ayim is an expert in helping people stop bingeing.

Here are her 6 golden nuggets of wisdom to stop binge eating.

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Writing poetry can act as a way to express and process how you feel.

Here’s on of mine.

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