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Confessions of a recovering binge eater

You may have noticed it’s been a little quiet around here—on the ​YoYo Podcast​ and in these weekly emails. Here’s why. When things get tough, some people cope by working out, or talking it through, or meditating, or watching cute-cat videos. While some of us turn to alcohol, or shopping, or reality TV, or hook-ups. Whatever the […]

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Winter blues?

Find ways to nurture yourself into springtime

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Self-care in seconds

Not a bubble bath in sight!

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Using food to feel better

How understanding your brain’s default responses can help create a pause before eating.

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When the easy option is a courageous choice

Culture teaches us that more is better.

Discover those times when easy is taking care of you.

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No one understands what this is like … how to find someone who gets you 100%

Having someone to turn to can be a relief and a refuge.

Discover why, and where to look for them.

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2 tips to avoid being pulled into a failure spiral

During those times of being right in the middle of a challenge, it can feel as if it’s never going to be different or get better.

These strategies require very little energy or resolve, but will really help!

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Feeling low? You’re not alone.

Perhaps, like me, you’ve eaten through many lows over the years.

Discover some simple steps that help.

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Your dream team—sleep and water

It’s all about getting your brain on-side and your energy levels sparking.

Discover why sleep and water are your #1 supporters.

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If nothing’s worked so far, where next?

This is an opportunity to find your own personal and unique way through bingeing or overeating.

So that you can step into a body and a life that you love.

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