Who am i?

Hello, I’m Gemma

Yes, I look happy in this picture. It wasn't always that way.

I binged for nearly 3 decades. I've been where you are. I shared your struggle.

There is a way through.

Maybe you see a little of yourself here

  • Desperately wanting to eat normally ... but the binges keep sneaking back in
  • Craving energy and passion … but trapped in fatigue and crushing low moods
  • Longing to love your body … but hating it as it is right now
  • Dreaming of stopping bingeing … but not sure if you ever will

Deep inside, you know there's something more waiting for you.

Whatever you’ve tried,
I’ve probably been there too.

Yet nothing worked for long...

  • Diet clubs to addiction groups

  • Running to smoking to alcohol

  • Macro plans to gut microbiome capsules

  • Science books to meditation apps

  • Cognitive behavioural therapy to aromatherapy to hypnotherapy

  • More qualifications to trying to simply forget the whole mess

I understand your disappointment and pain. And also that glimmer of hope that’s never quite extinguished. The glimmer of hope that brought you here.

Coaching was my way out of bingeing. Gradually, mistrust and self-doubt opened to possibility and healing. I learned how to create real, lasting change.

Now I work with other women so that they can stop bingeing too.

Binge eating comes with such intense feelings of shame, despair, confusion and regret.

Let me help you find a way through and discover a life beyond bingeing.

“Gemma is a brilliant, nuanced, and thoughtful coach. I recommend her highly and trust her deeply.”

— Martha Ayim, MA

Internal Family Systems Practitioner

Master Coach and Instructor for The Life Coach School
Host of The Done Bingeing Podcast

A few extra details

if you happen to be curious...

I'm an Internal Family Systems Practitioner, and also a Life and Weight Loss Coach, certified at The Life Coach School.

Earlier in life, I graduated with two degrees (BSc Nutrition and Dietetics; BSc Psychology) and was a Chartered Accountant for 12 years, based in London and Southwest England.

As well as time with my amazing clients, I love coffee and conversation, walking by the sea, listening to the birds, reading, dreaming and creating.

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