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Can I fix my bingeing & drop the weight at the same time?

Bingeing and dieting are like two people battling it out in a tug-of-war.

The more one heaves on the rope, the harder the other braces in the opposite direction.

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The link between binge eating & dieting

Studies have associated binge eating with restriction—aka dieting. 

Discover how to ease back from bingeing and still lose weight.

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How to stop binge eating: 6 lessons learned at the side of a master coach

Martha Ayim is an expert in helping people stop bingeing.

Here are her 6 golden nuggets of wisdom to stop binge eating.

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Writing poetry can act as a way to express and process how you feel.

Here’s on of mine.

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The right time to start

Is there a perfect time to get a handle on your binge eating?

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Sceptical? You’re right on track.

After everything you’ve tried already, scepticism is totally understandable—and healthy.

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Catching thoughts, changing binge eating

Where to start when there’s so much flying around in your head.

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You’ve tried EVERYTHING to fix your eating—what now?

Where to go when nothing’s worked.

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Watching—the first tiptoe forward

How to gently come back to yourself if you’re bingeing to escape.

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Is bingeing trying to get your attention?

Bingeing is often a signpost to something deeper.

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