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Five minutes to fabulous (aka 5-mins really makes a difference)

Why easy to achieve targets result in easier change that lasts longer

Set that bar low!

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Why eating your feelings makes sense—and how to stop

Emotions can be intense and uncomfortable.

If you’re an emotional eater, discover a way through that isn’t food.

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The little voice that whispers, “Just one won’t hurt.”

It’s so tempting, but has it ever worked?

Next time, try these 4 steps.

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How a couple of minutes each morning can change your eating for hours

A simple morning routine can completely alter the course of your day.

Find out how to set yourself up for success.

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The food planning strategy that feels like freedom!

Rather than being life-limiting, this tool can help you show up on your terms.

Discover the exact steps to more energy and clarity.

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Stop the battle with your body without giving up on your dreams for wellbeing & weight loss

If you’ve decided never to go on another diet—never to starve yourself again—hurrah!

That doesn’t mean you have to give up on your dream of weight loss.

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How to maximize pleasure in and beyond food

Wouldn’t it be wonderful to experience pleasure without the downside that comes after an episode of bingeing or overeating?

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Have you heard of IFS? Why it’s a game-changer if you’ve been binge eating for a long time.

Connecting with different inner parts offers the opportunity to understand what’s behind an eating pattern that you’re likely desperate to change.

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What I wish I’d known about dealing with indignity

Learn how to survive embarrassment without the carb-coma.

These top-two tools can be applied to almost anything!

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5 minutes to shift overwhelm (without reaching for the biscuit tin)

Whether it’s a huge new work project or reams of a seemingly endless to-do list, overwhelm can sneak in.

And it feels … well, horrible.

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