When the easy option is a courageous choice

Culture teaches us to strive.

Better grades, more money, the latest car, a bigger house, an impressive job title.

We get the message that more is better. Gotta get to the top of the tree.

It has its place. Yet, is the final destination ever reached? 

There always seems to be just one more thing, just around the next corner.

Instead of gratification and security, pressure, comparison and insecurity take hold. 

Perhaps you’ve felt those feelings too.

Pressure. Comparison. Not quite being good enough … if eating is a way to feel better, then pass me the Ben & Jerry’s!

Sometimes, easy options really are okay.

Not because you’re lazy or self-indulgent. Not because you can’t be bothered or have given up.

An easy option can be an indication of putting yourself first—of being a courageous advocate for yourself.

This is what easy might look like:

  • Not going for the promotion … the extra money isn’t worth the extra stress, responsibility and time
  • Keeping lunchbox chocolate bars out of the house … for now, it’s easier to simply not have that temptation at home
  • Hunkering down on a Friday night in a fleece and fluffy socks … pumping up energy for that party … well, the fact it needs pumping is saying something
  • Postponing a tricky conversation … yes, it needs to be said, but so much better approached feeling rested, resilient and openhearted

A friend told me today she was an essential advocate for her child at school. She is wonderful. Her child is a lucky, lucky boy.

Choosing an easy option can mean being that essential advocate for yourself.

When easy means taking care of you, it’s the right kind of easy.

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