Winter blues?

Does January seem like the-month-that-never-ends?

If it’s winter for you, it’s darker and colder … maybe you feel a little blue.

And comfort-food didn’t get its reputation for nothing!

It’s warm, it’s stodgy, it can fill your tummy and feel like a giant hug.

Yes, it does deliver in the moment. It makes total sense if food is a pick-me-up, especially at this time of year.

Sound like you? Choose a sentence (below) and finish it off.

  • Oh, I wish I could just …
  • I’m longing for …
  • What I really need is …

Gather the ideas that bubble up.

If you were caring for yourself in the most loving and nurturing way, what might you do? 

Or, if it’s easier, think of someone you adore and suggest how they might feel better.

No right or wrong. No judgement. These are simply suggestions of how to up your self-care when you’re feeling low.

  1. recognise the blues … and let them be there for now.
  2. give yourself a gift of care at attention using one of the ideas you came up with.

Overeating or binge eating are so often used to fill a void, to meet a deeper need or yearning.

This is one way to begin to meet those needs in other ways.

For me, a hot water bottle and bunch of early daffodils aren’t the route out of every dark place … but, then again, is that a hint of springtime just around the corner?

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