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#019: Feel satisfied with your food—leaning into leptin

Feeling safe, secure and calm in your body is a key part of healing from feeling compulsive or out of control around food.

Learn the importance of the hormone leptin and how to maximise the signals of satiety it creates.

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#017: Work with your body to reduce hunger & cravings

Find out why willpower can’t override signals from the body, and how balancing hormones can help reduce hunger, food-cravings and body fat.

Plus some easy tips to get started—WITHOUT having to give up all the food you love!

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#016: Why do I need to reach “stuffed”?

Is it hard to stop eating until you’re so full you can hardly move?

Understand why it’s so hard to stop eating until you feel stuffed full of food, and the exact steps to help you ease back from that level of fullness.

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#015: Can’t bear to waste food? Listen in.

Learn how to reframe food wastage & my top hacks to reduce temptation in the milli-second before shoving something into your mouth.

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#014: How to stop hating hunger & use it as a guide

Discover how to tune back into your body so that you can find the most supportive pattern of eating for you.

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#013: How to stop emotional eating

Learn how to get through challenging emotions without having to eat your feelings.

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#012: Chatting with the little voice in your head

Discover how to gently challenge what your thoughts assume to be true.

Creating a little wriggle room can stop you using food to feel better.

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#011: My top 4 changes to stop binge eating

Hear how I finally stopped bingeing after nearly 30 years!

It gets a little personal, but I hope that sharing my experience will help you too.

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#010: Why you crave certain foods & what to do about it

There is a way rewire the brain to ramp down urges to overeat.

Find your way toward feeling more relaxed around food.

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#009: How to cope with an urge—part 2

Discover how to connect with an urge in a way that will transform your eating

AND allow you to finally experience the self-compassion that has felt so elusive up until now.

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