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#025: The holidays—carving out more of what you long for

Discover a little trick to create more of what you actually want this Christmas (so you don’t have to rely on food as a substitute).

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#024: The holidays—enjoying festivities AND food

Pick and choose from a selection box of ways to bring new relaxation and enjoyment to this holiday season.

Which means less need to turn to food to escape, self-soothe or calm your clamouring nerves.

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#023: The holidays—creating your own feel-good

Expectations are high over the holidays … but what happens when things don’t go to plan?

Discover how to create the holidays you want without relying on food to step in as your knight-in-shining-armour.

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#022: The holidays—coping with people who trigger you

During the holiday season, certain people are likely to send you straight to the buffet table, or lead to a binge in the attempt to cope.

Discover strategies to put yourself back in control and make your festive season way more enjoyable, no matter what those other people do or say.

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#021: Can’t eat enough to get what you crave … what next?

When you know what you’re looking for can’t be found at the bottom of a tub of ice-cream, what next?

Discover the exact steps to create what you really desire.

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#020: What do you really need (when it’s not food)?

What if overeating or binge eating is an external indicator of your internal needs?

Uncover that deeper longing, and you have the best starting point to find the tools to get what you’re really seeking—so you don’t rely on food.

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#019: Feel satisfied with your food—leaning into leptin

Feeling safe, secure and calm in your body is a key part of healing from feeling compulsive or out of control around food.

Learn the importance of the hormone leptin and how to maximise the signals of satiety it creates.

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#018: Growling tummy? Grappling with ghrelin—the hunger hormone

Learn simple, practical strategies to reduce sensations of hunger

AND the anxiety that can result from feeling even slightly peckish.

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#017: Work with your body to reduce hunger & cravings

Find out why willpower can’t override signals from the body, and how balancing hormones can help reduce hunger, food-cravings and body fat.

Plus some easy tips to get started—WITHOUT having to give up all the food you love!

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#016: Why do I need to reach “stuffed”?

Is it hard to stop eating until you’re so full you can hardly move?

Understand why it’s so hard to stop eating until you feel stuffed full of food, and the exact steps to help you ease back from that level of fullness.

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