Self-care in seconds

We hear it so often … “Self care will help you stop needing so much food.”

But who has the time or money for endless massages, bubble baths or weekends away?

Not me. Probably not you either.

Self-care doesn’t need to take time OR money!

In fact, it’s the few seconds here and there that have the most significant effect.

Why? Because micro-moments are so easy to build into every day.

And with every one you’re letting yourself know you’re important, precious and worth looking after.

Here are some ideas to show how easy it can be to look after yourself well:

  • Waking up with a full body stretch
  • Pausing to gaze at a stunning sunset
  • Escaping to the bathroom during a heated discussion and giving yourself an ironic smile in the mirror
  • Drinking an extra glass of water
  • Reminding yourself you’re doing the best you can—you’re amazing!
  • Texting a friend
  • Filling a hot water bottle
  • My current favourite—using the printer at the other side of the office so I move more when I’m at work

Small things matter.

Even minuscule, micro-moments help you feel so much better.

What might that couple of seconds look like for you?

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