Tips for the festive season

… without using food to cope

Some niggles are almost certain to arise over Christmas. 

  • the story from auntie Susie that you’ve already heard 100 times
  • a controversial political discussion started by your brother-in-law
  • the children fighting, shouting and crying over a broken toy
  • a declaration that “the world is going to the dogs” (that was my grandpa’s favourite!)

If you find yourself eating your way through a barrage of irritation or dismay, you’re not alone. 

The food does partially relieve the irritation or frustration … for a moment, at least.

But my guess is, if you’re reading this, you feel pretty awful later on.

Here are the two tricks I’ve seen to be most effective in helping smooth those times of inevitable holiday-humanity. 

Tip 1:

Say to yourself, “This is the part when … ” [insert one of the inevitable niggles]

See if the play on words helps you:

🎄ease into whatever’s happening now

🎄feel less triggered

🎄offer a secret wink and smile of recognition to yourself

🎄open to choices and different options

Tip 2:

Sidestep the downward spiral of festive bingeing by infusing almost any experience with a little dry humour. 

This brilliant game from Martha Beck has helped so many people

Why not give it a go? Perhaps even thinking about it will make you smile. 

Festive Bingo!

Get details straight from the game creator at @themarthabeck

Here is a brief summary:

(1) Print/make a bingo card 4×4 or 5×5

(2) In each square, fill in something that’s bound to happen over Christmas. 

(Anything that’s likely to make your hair stand on end with dismay, horror, irritation or despair is an especially good option here!)

(3) If you want to, join in with a friend or two who’ve also filled in their Bingo cards. Maybe you agree the winner shouts the next coffee.

(4) Start ticking off those boxes

(5) No matter what, give yourself a Bingo-Reward! And notice anything that shifted for you as you played.

The power in these two tools is that nothing changes over the holidays, and yet everything can change. ♥️

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