Two key action steps for a different start to 2023

Are you used to thinking, “New Year … time for a new me”?

January 1st is when I will change. 

I’ll be different this year.

I’m gonna eat healthily … AND exercise … AND meal plan … AND sleep more … AND meditate …

AND become way cooler with my clothes choices (ok, that last one might just be me … nope, still not there 😂 ) 


Those resolutions feel so exciting, positive, energising—full of untold potential for the amazing life you’re totally ready to step into.

But, have you noticed That February Feeling?

It’s dark and cold (for those of us in winter).

It’s grey and raining (here in the UK, February = rain and more rain!)

Salads aren’t so appealing. The gym is still packed and running outside … well, who wants to do that??!

And those 100%–shift resolutions … they’re looking shaky … or, if you’re anything like I was, they’re lying in tatters amid the pile of sweet wrappers and cake boxes stuffed under the sofa while a schmultzy film you’re not even enjoying is flashing on the TV screen.

Maybe you’re already drawn toward starting 2023 a little differently.

Moving into the new year in a way that’s more gentle and exploratory. 

Adopting an approach that reflects the beautiful, complex, unique person that you are.

If so, here are two actions to take:

1. Choose just one change to start the year

(and, most importantly, that will be easy to stick with—even when life throws you those pesky yet inevitable curve-balls)

Need help working out which change will be right for you?

My FREE Starter Guide: The First Key Step to Stop Binge Eating is packed with ideas that have worked for others to change their eating.

2. Ask yourself this question: “If I were to eat in a way that felt genuinely wonderful to me, what might that look like?”

There have likely been many, many “experts” telling you what you should do.

My guess is that you know a lot by now—and you’ve tried numerous different approaches.

Turn down the volume on all those other voices for a moment.

Just listen to you. 

You know yourself better than anyone else ever can. Even if it doesn’t feel like it right now, I promise you it’s true. 

What would feel genuinely wonderful to you?

This is one of the questions that can lead you back to yourself.

If you struggle with bingeing, yo-yo dieting, and feel uncomfortable in your own skin, listening and learning to trust yourself and your body again is what the journey to healing looks like.

Sending you all my love and very warmest wishes for 2023.

Gemma x

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