A struggle with out-of-control eating is a real thing

If that out-of-control feeling resonates, you probably don’t share your struggle with many people, if anyone at all.

It’s frightening and embarrassing to see the look of panic on a partner’s face, or the dismissive eye-roll of a friend or doctor. It’s easier to keep it a secret. I know because I’ve been there. 

AND it really is possible to get help. It’s possible to find someone who understands and can support you in finding the answers in a way that’s right for you.

It takes opening to a little curiosity and self-compassion—just a little is enough to take a closer look at why you might be turning to food in a way that brings you down. 

If you’re not feeling that inside yourself just yet, find someone who can offer you that curiosity and self-compassion.

With even one fleeting thought beginning with “I wonder why … “, comes a starting point. 

Like brushing a tangled mass of hair—start with just one knot. Gently tease it out before moving to the next until the whole head is done. 

If the-food-thing has lasted for many years or decades, there’s still a way to tease out each knot. 

I’ve worked with women from their 30s to their 70s. I know it’s possible for you too.

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