Is bingeing trying to get your attention?

Why are you eating?

Sounds like such an obvious question, doesn’t it?

“Because I’m starving hungry”
“Because I want to”
“Because I need it”
“Because it’s all I can think about”
“I don’t know, I just am”

or, “Did I just eat? I suppose I must have. I’m surrounded by empty wrappers and crumbs.”

Before you binge, or during a binge, or after a binge, try asking yourself “What was going on just then?”

You might find a situation, a feeling or a sensation in your body. If you ask “why?” enough times you will almost certainly uncover something even more interesting. A thought, an interpretation, a belief. Maybe one you didn’t even realise you had.

If you can dig a little deeper, more reasons are lurking. More information. No judgement, simply data.

Bingeing might be trying to grab your attention, shouting “hey, there’s something here you need to notice, take a look, PLEASE TAKE A LOOK!”.

Right now, you could be like a teenager walking down the street. Cap pulled low. Hood up. Staring down at your phone. I love teenagers. I work with them and I truly think they’re each amazing. But some of them don’t see what’s going on around them a lot of the time. Especially when there’s a phone around.

What if the bingeing is a cartwheeling, singing, glittering, hoop-twirling, uber-talented circus gymnast, trying to get the attention of that teenager.

Something needs to be seen. Bingeing is drawing your attention to it.

What might it be for you?

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