Is bingeing trying to get your attention?

My guess is that eating this way isn\’t feeling good—at least, not for long.

Oh yes, the intense burst of blissful pleasure that accompanies the first bite makes sooooooo much sense to me.

But the rest … why?

That might sound like such an obvious question.

“I’m starving hungry”
“I want to”
“I need it”
“It’s all I can think about”
“I just don’t have an off-switch”

or, “Did I just eat? I suppose I must have. I’m surrounded by empty wrappers and crumbs.”

Before a binge, or during a binge, or after a binge, try asking “What was going on just then?”

It could be a situation, a person, an emotion or a sensation.

Asking “why?” enough times will almost certainly uncover something deeper. An interpretation, a belief about the world or about you. Maybe one you didn’t even realise was there.

Binge eating is often trying to grab some attention, shouting “hey, there’s something here you need to notice, take a look, PLEASE TAKE A LOOK!”.

What if bingeing is a flash light illuminating something that needs to be seen?

What part of your life is asking for your attention?

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