Watching—the first tiptoe forward

Most people zone out during a binge.

Don\’t regain “consciousness” until after the food is gone.

That makes sense, especially when bingeing is a way to escape or take-the-edge-off. After all, who wants to be present when the aim is to be as far away from this moment as possible?

The first step towards change is to open just one eye and take a peek.

The courage it takes to look more closely is no small thing.

And viewing what’s uncovered with curiosity and even a hint of self-compassion (rather than—I’m guessing here—the usual self-judgement and contempt) will change everything.

This insight is so powerful—it creates a place to start.

Knowing where to start feels empowering which is so much better than the sense of being lost, overwhelmed and helpless so familiar to almost everyone who struggles with food.

Binge eating so often occurs in the desperate, urgent, unthinking haze of seeking relief. Not wanting to see, too ashamed to look.

By gradually beginning to watch what’s happening, with gentleness, curiosity and self-compassion no matter what, awareness comes. Awareness is the very first tiptoe towards moving away from bingeing.

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