Watching—the first tiptoe forward

Do you notice your binge eating while it’s happening?

Or do you regain “consciousness” only after all the food is inside you?

Often, bingeing is a way to escape. Or to take the edge off. Lessen the discomfort of a feeling.

Maybe the feeling is of being trapped or despondent or tired or rejected or low or overwhelmed. The scope is endless. Even happy.

The first step towards change is to be brave enough to take a peek. Only then can you begin to understand.

An older-generation member of my family used to love to shoot birds. It was a sport, and sometimes a source of food.

One day he began to watch the birds. Observing their fascinating habits and interactions. Delighting in their song. Recognising their responses and individualities.

As he watched he began to love all the birds. Now he has become an avid birdwatcher, meticulously noting every detail of each. He doesn’t shoot birds now. Not even pheasants.

Binge eating so often occurs in the desperate, urgent, unthinking haze of seeking relief. Not wanting to see, too ashamed to look.

By gradually beginning to watch yourself, with gentleness and compassion no matter what, you become more aware. Awareness is the very first tiptoe towards change.

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