Can I fix my bingeing & drop the weight at the same time?

Gotta lose weight, so diet. Can’t stick to it, and end up binge eating. Which to fix first? 

Most people want to kill two birds with one stone—stop bingeing and lose weight in tandem. And it makes a whole lot of sense!

But, when yo-yo dieting, weight gain and weight loss, restriction and bingeing, are established patterns, it isn’t always the most effective answer.

Bingeing and dieting are like two people battling it out in a tug-of-war. The more one heaves on the rope, the harder the other braces in the opposite direction.

Ease the combative energy at one side and the other will begin to loosen its pull.

Some people assume that resolving their bingeing first—without dieting—means the weight is there to stay. 

What I notice is that people who resolve their bingeing first are more successful at losing any excess weight loss in a way that is gentle and sustainable—at a time that feels right for them.

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