The right time to start

When is the right time to get a handle on binge eating?

Are you always putting it off? Conditions must be right. Especially if you’re starting another diet or cleanse or fitness plan. When is the optimal time?

On holiday
In a structured routine
Leaving the job
A new job
Working from home
Leaving the relationship
A new relationship
Ditching the friends
Finding the friends
Moving house
Moving location
Travelling the world
Kids not around
Kids at home
In summer
In winter

The list is endless. You look at circumstances. Outside yourself. There must be something you can do. Get control. Fix stuff. Feel ok.

When you’ve chosen the perfect time to start many times before, that’s when the real work can start. Only when you’ve tried everything, do you realise it’s not about the when.

It’s about you. Your life. Your interpretations. Your feelings. Your choices. Where you are right now. Where you want to go. What it means. How to get there. As the exact person you are. Difficult to believe. But true. The real you.

The right time might as well be now.

Re-finding the real you is the work. Taking off the masks. The contortions. The fitting in.

The real you. There all along. Waiting to be truly seen. Valued. Celebrated.

Letting go of control. Letting go of being controlled. Choosing yourself.

Get to know yourself again. Step into you. And, along the way, bingeing fades.

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