The right time to start

When\’s the right time to look a little more closely at this food thing?

If you\’re always putting it off, I get it. I did too, especially after I\’d crashed and burned after the last \”miracle solution\” didn\’t deliver on it\’s promise. The problem was, I never found that elusive perfect time.

Do any of these sound familiar? The list is endless and evershifting, but here are a few people have shared with me.

I\’m just waiting until I\’m …

on holiday
in a structured routine
leaving the job
starting in the new job
working from home
leaving the relationship
finding a new relationship
ditching the toxic friends
surrounded by supportive friends
moving house
moving location
not dealing with the kids
revelling in the kids being at home
basking in summer sun
snuggled up in winter

When you’ve chosen the perfect time to start many times before, that’s when you know.

It’s not about the when.

It’s about you. Your life. Your healing. Your feelings. Starting from exactly where you are right now, as the exact person you are. It might be difficult to believe. And it\’s also true.

The right time might as well be now.

Helping you uncover the real you is what YoYo Freedom is here for. Celebrating the unique human you are. Looking after the parts of you that need your loving and compassionate attention.

If you feel a little lost, that makes so much sense. Life has a way of layering on complexity.

Perhaps now\’s time to get to know yourself again. Step into you. Along the way, bingeing fades.

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