Sceptical? You’re right on track.

Feeling skeptical, suspicious and distrusting of another supposed solution to end your binge eating? You’re in exactly the right place.

After all, how many things have you tried already? How much time? How much money? How much hope and excitement? How much humiliation and despair? My guess is a lot. So much that you don’t want another drop. Ever. It would be madness to show up for more.

But, you’re here and you’re reading. You’re still searching. You know there must be a different way. Call it instinct or intuition or a deep, core knowing. Whatever it is, you know this endless pattern of bingeing isn’t it for you. There is something more. And maybe, just maybe, you can find it.

Your mind might be screaming, “WOOOO…..BLAAAH…..WHATEVS!”

YoYo is here to simply & gently offer you a few new ideas to try on. See if they resonate. See if they feel real for you. See if they help.

As you experiment, see what works. Bin off what doesn’t. Keep exploring. Stay curious. No one knows you better than you. Maybe you’ll stumble upon a catalyst of change.

Your brain is wonderful at trying to protect you. It is always scanning for danger. Stay safe, stay still, stay small. Keep away.

You can choose that. There is no wrong decision. Just notice. There are positive emotions and negative emotions as you protect yourself fiercely. There are positive emotions and negative emotions as you take a risk, dream of more.

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