Five minutes to fabulous (aka 5-mins really makes a difference)

When you set the bar super-high, you’ll likely start with wild enthusiasm but fairly soon reach a point of overwhelm and grind to halt.

Or, if you’re anything like me, switch into reverse gear … which ends in eating mostly toast and marmite and pizza for weeks.

Setting the bar super-high might look like aiming to:

  • eat 100% clean for 3 months
  • intermittent fast for 20 hours per day, starting now
  • drop 2 lbs per week every week for 6 months

If you want to stop bingeing or overeating—especially if you’ve been doing it for many years—you’re way more likely to get there if you go low.

Change comes more easily—and lasts for longer—when that bar is low, low, low.

Daily successes that are quick and easy to achieve, so are much more likely to continue on the regular.

And it’s those regular new habits that will add up to take you in a new direction.

Tiny is mighty. At least when it comes to change,” says habit change expert, B.J. Fogg

Here’s an example from my life.

I’m 47 and have never been much of a fitness fan. But I want to focus on my muscle strength.

🏋️ Going to the gym … ugggh. 

💰 Now that’s something I’ve signed up for many times before, but soon given up. (If only the membership cost stopped when I stopped going!)

⏰ I always had an excuse—not enough time, other higher priorities, too tired, you name it.

🌟 But I recently found an app that has 5 minute strength training sessions.

🔥 I love the trainer and yes, definitely feel the burn!

Committing to just 5 minutes—it’s always a YES because it seems such a tiny step.

That 5 minutes feels strangely enjoyable so usually leads to 10 or 15.

When the bar is set low—to only 5 minutes—it’s much easier to start.

And starting is the trickiest part as it requires the most energy. (The scientific term for that is “activation energy.”)

What would a five-minute win look like for you today?

  • Chop up a pile of veggies
  • Go for a walk
  • Write in your journal
  • Plan your food for tomorrow
  • Do a five-minute workout at home (here’s the app I use, if you like the idea)

How LOW can you go? 😉

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