How to stop binge eating: 6 lessons learned at the side of a master coach

I’ve been lucky enough to work for The. Most. Amazing. Master Coach, Instructor and Level-3-Trained IFS Practitioner since 2019.

Martha Ayim is an expert in helping people stop bingeing.

She has been an inspiring teacher and mentor.

Here are 6 golden nuggets of wisdom straight from Martha:

1. Bingeing can seem so hard to resolve because—in the moment—it delivers on its promise to soothe, distract, punish …

2. The journey to heal binge eating is as unique as the person on it.

3. All-or-nothing thinking will almost certainly keep you in one place or another, missing all the somethings in-between.

4. Every thought is trying to serve you—even if it doesn\’t seem like it right now.

5. When it’s genuinely heard, the part that wants to binge always makes so much sense.

6. Getting data on your experience will show progress in areas few people ever look.

If you want to check out Martha’s work, you can find her on Instagram and Facebook at donebingeing, visit her website, or listen to The Done Bingeing Podcast.

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