Work with me

You’ve decided now is the time

to get to the bottom of why you feel so out of control with food

to find a different way towards healing from bingeing

to release the burden of overeating so you can live the life you choose

1:1 coaching will support you as you:

  • release the pull of bingeing
  • uncover peace and ease around your eating
  • navigate obstacles and challenges in real time
  • explore an approach that fits with you and your life
  • map your progress to recognise and consolidate success

How we can work together

1. Structured Coaching

A 12-week, structured coaching programme that equips you with the insights, tools and strategies you need to pull back from binge eating.

2. Responsive Coaching

A totally flexible coaching approach that meets you exactly where you are as you continue your journey away from bingeing and overeating.

We live in a culture of plenty

Yet we’re surrounded by suffering, struggle and shame.

Our pain is reflected back at us by a weight loss and weight management industry with a forecast value of over $245 billion by 2022*

Maybe you’ve spent far too much time and money on food to binge on or trying to find ways to stop.

For me, over the years, it was thousands of £££s …

If you want to break free once and for all, YoYo Freedom is here to help you.

In the mean time …

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* PR NEWSWIRE 2019, Weight Loss and Weight Management Market Market Worth $245.51 Billion by 2022 - Exclusive Report by MarketsandMarkets, viewed 7 April 2020, here

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