Why do you want to stop bingeing?

Yes, this question is for real!

Duh! Obvious. It is sometimes.

But not always…

How many of the reasons come from within you? From your true, authentic, wise, inner-self.

And how many are ideas are you unconsciously absorbing from life around you?

When I was traveling in my 20s I noticed with startling clarity how the world of commerce thrives on our dissatisfaction. Want to feel better? Then change something about yourself. Pay me and I’ll show you how. Then you’ll be happy.

In the UK, where I live, we have a reputation for rain and fog rather than blazing sunshine and warm summers. Wanna feel better about yourself? Get a tan. We’ll spray it on you right here.

In Peru, city billboards advertise skin whitening cream. Bleaching agents. It was the first time I’d seen it. But the message was the same. Change who you are. Feel better. Pay us and we can help.

In Vietnam, women covered up in face masks, long gloves and nón lá (conical leaf hats). Be different to who you are. Stay out of the sun. Keep your skin pale. 

Yes, there are many different messages within those examples. Seeped in race, patriarchy, power and economics to name just a few.

And many in the world thrive from you wanting to be different for their reasons. Their views about what you do and how you look.

But what are yours? For you alone. 

If you can get real and honest and deep with those, you will create unbelievable power.

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