Structured Coaching

If you’re longing to be guided through a directed and focused process to stop binge eating...

then structured coaching is for you!

12 week coaching programme

A structured yet flexible approach consisting of three interchangeable modules.

Modules can be taken in any order to best meet your current challenges.

Module 1: Manage urges to eat

  • understand why urges and cravings for certain foods arise
  • learn how to reduce the intensity of an urge
  • find ways to meet your needs without food

Module 2: Reset hunger and desire

  • reconnect with your body’s hunger signals
  • differentiate between physical and emotional hunger
  • discover foods that feel good in your body

Module 3: Your mind as your greatest ally

  • uncover the importance of how you feel in what you eat
  • access a simple, yet profound, framework to manage your mind
  • recognise your emotions as signposts

Structured coaching is for you if...

you’re ready to discover a different way to end bingeing

you’re new to coaching

you like a clear map of the path ahead

you prefer regular weekly coaching support

What You Get

with structured coaching

A 50 minute 1:1 coaching session every week

using the on-line Zoom platform—audio only to protect your privacy

Specially devised and selected worksheets

to extend and consolidate what you’ve learned during calls

Unlimited weekday support via email

enabling you to reach out for support whenever you need it between sessions

All this for three payments of £220!

book your first session

Absolutely FREE

No obligation

I have been where you are. There is a way through.

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